Will Casey Anthony finally be convicted?

Casey Anthony

Almost ten years ago, the name Casey Anthony dominated American’s news cycle. Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in a 2011 jury trial. Most of the nation, and especially Nancy Grace, were shocked that Anthony was found not guilty. Now, in a different lawsuit, she may be.

Roy Kronk, the meter man who first discovered Caylee’s body, is suing Anthony for defamation.

During the murder trial, Anthony’s lawyers blamed Kronk to be responsible for Caylee’s murder, claiming he killed Caylee, planted her remains, had her body for months and is guilty.

Kronk filed defamation complaints in 2011 regarding those statements made during the trial. However, the defamation case was put on hold after Anthony filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

Now, five years later, Anthony filed a motion for a summary judgment against Kronk, arguing that her comments were not defamatory. Kronk on the other hand, argues that the case should go to trial in civil court, specifically in the same courthouse where Anthony’s murder trial was held.

Kronk’s lawyer, Howard Marks, believes that because Anthony no longer has bankruptcy issues, this case should be seen before a jury in the Orlando state courthouse.

Will Anthony be found guilty this time? Seeing as that Kronk was never convicted for the murder and that Anthony’s accusations did in fact intend to damage Kronk’s reputation, especially considering the magnitude of attention this case carried in the public eye, I believe Anthony just might lose this case. What do you think?

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CM Punk Podcast proven not guilty


Defamation lawsuits are seen more prominently today because of the power and reach of the internet. Words spoken or written in new articles, yelp reviews, social media posts, and even blog posts, like this one, can produce defamatory statements that affect a person or business so much so that they feel they have the right to sue. Podcasts are yet another vehicle by which defamatory statements can be spread.

This time, a former WWE star has won a defamation lawsuit brought on by a WWE doctor who felt defamed by claims against him in a podcast.

Phil Brooks, formally known as CM Punk, expressed his frustrations with the WWE and its doctors in a 2014 podcast hosted by his longtime friend Scott Colton, who is also a pro wrestler.

Brooks became one of the WWE’s biggest stars and held the company’s top championship for more than a year before abruptly leaving the company. He kept silent about his departure until almost a year later when he gave Colton an interview about his time with the WWE.

In the podcast, he criticized WWE doctors for what he said was a failure to diagnose a staph infection.

WWE doctor Christopher Amann sued both Brooks and Colton for their statements in the podcast, claiming defamation and invasion of privacy.

During his testimony, Brooks acknowledged that he was bitter at the time of the recording but now recognizes that what was discussed in the podcast are things he no longer cares about and were just intended to set the record straight for his fans.

Brooks and Colton were both cleared of charges by a Cook County jury.

In this case, a public figure was cleared of defamation charges, something that otherwise isn’t seen too often in these cases. However, Brook’s testimony showed the jury that his statements were not intended to cause harm to the doctors mentioned. Therefore, they would not be considered defamatory statements because they were not proven to be intended to defame.

Some believe that defamatory statements are those that damage one’s reputation. That is the definition of defamation. However, when it comes to public figures, like Brooks, it has to be shown that the defamation was made with malicious intent, otherwise those statements are just known as fair comment.

SourceFormer WWE star CM Punk wins defamation lawsuit brought by company doctor

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